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Business Case Roemeens kredietbureau

voor Inclusion Group
sector Financiƫle dienstverlening
periode van 08/2003 tot 09/2003

Research naar de noodzaak van en ontwikkeling van de Business Case / Business Model van een Roemeens kredietbureau.


Credit Bureaus - also called credit registries, credit reporting agencies or credit registration institutes - collect and pool information on the borrowing and payment history of consumers (one single file per registered person), and issue credit reports prior to lending money. Lenders supply information to the databases of credit bureaus, and use the pooled information to help them assess the creditworthiness of a credit applicant. The credit report is used as a decision support information for lenders; a Credit Bureau does not take the decision to grant or refuse a credit, this is an analysis and decision to be made by the lender, based on his own files and the credit report issued by the Credit Bureau.

The need for a rapid conception of a Romanian Credit Bureau (RCB) is obvious, especially given the dramatic and hectic growth of consumer credit (retail lending) in Romania, a trend that is expected to continue this year and the years to come.

On behalf of Inclusion Group Eric Schreurs researched the Romanian credit market, and developed the Business Case and the initial Business Model.

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