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Egypte: Overall Projectleider opzet Joint Venture Betalingsverkeer

voor Inclusion Group
sector Financiƫle dienstverlening
periode van 10/2003 tot 04/2004

Algeheel projectleiderschap van een complex, multidisciplinair project waarbij 2 Egyptische banken en de Egyptische Post als projectsponsors optreden (projectteam van ca. 20 mensen verdeeld over verschillende taskforces), met als extra uitdaging het overbruggen van culturele verschillen, ook tussen de organisaties onderling.


A modern financial system is a prerequisite for realising sustainable economic growth and social development. Egypt, like most emerging countries, lacks an efficient financial system and this is reflected in a very high proportion of unproductive cash in circulation and therefore unproductive for the financial sector. Cash-less payment instruments are only in use by institutions, corporations and a small group of high-income individuals. The majority of the population is excluded from these financial services. The overall objective of the project is to release this huge potential by implementing relevant parts of the proven marketing and technology concepts of the payment system in The Netherlands in Egypt. Three organisations have decided to join forces and establish a Joint Venture (JV) for making this happen: Banque Misr, Commercial International Bank (CIB) and Egypt National Postal Organisation (Egypt Post).

Eric Schreurs is the project manager for the project "Start-up Joint Venture"; its aim is to execute all pre-incorporation activities necessary to start the JV. This includes building the Business Case and Business Model, legal preparations, etc..

Giro-Nil, the Egyptain Company for Automated Bill Processing Systems, was officially founded in December 2004.

Project sponsors:


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